Hussain Sajwani: A man with a Sharp Business Acumen

One of the most exceptional characteristics of entrepreneurs is the ability to see an opportunity and fill the gap. CEO and founder of Damac Properties, Hussein Swajani perfectly fills this description.     Swajwani is a graduate of the University of Washington and began his career at as a contracts manager with Gasco, which is … [Read more…]

Vijay Eswaran Has A Heart For Young People and Women

Challenges and failures should be embraced for continued growth in your personal and professional life. This is a life principle that entrepreneur Datuk Seri Vijay Eswaran, the co-founder, and Executive Chairman of the QI Group, follows. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: The QI Group is a successful selling and training company that is 18 … [Read more…]

How Fabletics Brand is taking on Amazon

The fashion e-commerce department has experienced a lot of growth in the recent years. People have always believed that it is tough for a newbie to carve a niche in the industry when the digital giants like Amazon have already done well in the market, controlling over 20% share in the e-commerce world. Fabletics is … [Read more…]

Louis Chenevert’s Success at United Technologies Corporation

The modern business world requires investments to be able to create a sharp cutting edge for it to be very competitive. This issue is well understood and comprehended by the former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation, Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert. The current CEO, Gregory Hayes also has the insights on this issue and firmly … [Read more…]

Amicus Therapeutics-Breaking New Ground for Patients with Rare Diseases

Living with a rare disease is devastating for patients and caregivers alike. A lack of viable treatment options leads to fear and despair, and living among people with no knowledge or awareness of the disease leads to feelings of isolation. Amicus Therapeutics understand the problems these families face and are committed to finding the solutions. … [Read more…]

Be The Best Connoisseur

Collecting fine wines is not for the impatient or the fainthearted, but it’s an investment opportunity like no other. Wines have unique advantages that other assets do not. A wine connoisseur understands the significance of putting resources into wines from a valuable asset like UKV PLC . UKV PLC is a wine furnish situated in … [Read more…]