Ryan Seacrest: An Inspiration To Us All

When you look at Ryan Seacrest, you probably won’t ever imagine him being insecure about his weight at any point of his life. He is known throughout Hollywood and one of the celebs that take fitness seriously. While there are many actors, actresses, musicians, and hosts that take great care of themselves because they have … [Read more…]

Joel Friant and The ‘Original’ Habanero Shaker: “Start Shakin’ and Be Happy!”

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur who began his business ventures in real estate sales and home remodeling. In 1995, he moved on to the restaurant industry and created the nation’s first Thai fast food restaurant. He began referring to himself as ‘The Thai Guy.’ It was also during this time Friant experimented with different types … [Read more…]

Louis Chenevert’s Success at United Technologies Corporation

The modern business world requires investments to be able to create a sharp cutting edge for it to be very competitive. This issue is well understood and comprehended by the former CEO of the United Technologies Corporation, Canadian businessman Louis Chenevert. The current CEO, Gregory Hayes also has the insights on this issue and firmly … [Read more…]