Dr. David Samadi – Article Recap

Dr. David Samadi, the Celebrity Urologist Mitt Romney, a former Republican presidential candidate, was treated last summer after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. The surgical procedure was performed successfully at UC Irvine Hospital in California by Dr. Thomas Ahlering. Romney’s prognosis is believed to be good, and he joins 161,360 other men who also got … [Read more…]

Promoting the architecture and design profession – The American Institute of Architects

     American Institute of Architecture (AIA), has been in existence since 1857 and representing professionals as well architects in the construction and design sector. The members of the board of the premier organization appointed one of their member called Robert Ivy as the Chief Executive officer in early 2011. Robert Ivy is a highly respected … [Read more…]

Joel Friant and The ‘Original’ Habanero Shaker: “Start Shakin’ and Be Happy!”

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur who began his business ventures in real estate sales and home remodeling. In 1995, he moved on to the restaurant industry and created the nation’s first Thai fast food restaurant. He began referring to himself as ‘The Thai Guy.’ It was also during this time Friant experimented with different types … [Read more…]