The Impressive Career of DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a respected real estate developer who is based in Dubai. The real estate investor has a reputation that is hard to come by. According to his portfolio, the entrepreneur was born and raised in United Arab Emirates many years ago. Unlike many people who prefer to relocate and stay abroad after earning a lot of wealth, Hussain Sajwani has chosen to remain in his home country so that he can bring the type of changes people want to see. The DAMAC Owner has acquired his success by working hard.

How Hussain Sajwani Started his Journey

When Hussain Sajwani was growing up, he realized that that he was passionate about business. His father had a small shop in his town, and they spent most of the time in this place serving customers. The DAMAC owner acquired so much experience from this business, and he vowed to venture into the industry when he grew up. His parents sent him to the University of Washington where he acquired a degree in Industrial Engineering. The investor also acquired another degree in economics.

When he completed his education, Hussain immediately established a food business. Although this was his first venture, Hussain Sajwani did his best, and this is why the company performed so well, offering its services to many people from all over the world. The food business gave Hussain Sajwani the capital he needed to start his real estate business. His company, known as DAMAC Properties, is already in the international platform, and it is respected in the construction department. DAMAC Properties has been operating under the management of Hussain Sajwani ever since its commencement.

Business Networks

Wise investors understand the benefits of networking in their investments. This is the same trick that has been used by the businessman for years. Hussain Sajwani has managed to connect with some of the most respected individuals in the world. His relationship with the American president, for instance, is envied by many people. Donald Trump and the DAMAC owner have been working together for a long time, and they have managed to form a strong bond that surpasses business and forms strong family ties.

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