Climbing From the Bottom to the Top: Ryan Seacrest’s Journey to Fame

Ryan Seacrest set out for success and became one of the most sensational show hosts of all time. He began his career by moving to Los Angeles where he started his first radio show. In 2002 he launched to stardom by landing a role as host of American Idol.

Seacrest is currently working in over ten positions. He is a host and producer of radio and talk shows. He also owns his own clothing company where he designs his own fashions. Ryan is a person who moves quickly and likes to get things done in a hurry. He has attributed this trait to his success.

The nationally syndicated hit American Idol initially made Ryan Seacrest famous. Its launch in 2002 was a tremendous success that made Ryan a household name. He has since become known as a familiar friend on Television and the radio.

One of his many jobs is Executive Producer of Live with Regis and Kelly. This TV talk show has been on air since 1983 which created giant shoes for Ryan to fill. His success Regis Philbin was tremendously successful. Find out more facts about Ryan’s weight loss struggle here.

His most famous radio talk show has been On Sir with Kelly and Ryan. It has become one of the top 40 nationally syndicated radio show in America.

Ryan Seacrest has not been selfish with the rewards his success has claimed. He I the servicing chairman if the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundations primary goal is to serve and inspire young people. They aim to achieve their goal through youth involvement in media. The foundation currently has studios set up in ten children’s hospital to train underage patients.

He showed that through hard work and determination anything can be possible. Follow Ryan on Twitter.

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