The American Institute of Architects is On Guard

     Robert Ivy has done more than many other individuals when it comes to promoting a sustainable environment and helping prevent global warming. He is a very influential man in the field of architecture which allows him direct access to proclaiming a change in that industry so that architects can build with sustainability of nature in mind.

Robert Ivy graduated from Tulane University where he received his Masters of architecture. He would go on to become the vice president of the American Institute of architects. Over time however, the board would approach him with an offer to run the entire organization as their president, a role which he was glad to fill.

Robert Ivy saw the profession of architecture as the leading profession in negatively impacting the environment. However, he truly believed that could all change. He cast a vision to the American Institute of Architects and was able to convince them, quite easily in fact, to adopt in initiative known as the decade of design. This decade of design would be at 10 year long process where the American Institute of Architects focused on discovering new ways to construct buildings and complexes that did not leave as much of a carbon footprint and had a minimal negative impact on the environment. Then, once these techniques and strategies were uncovered, they would begin to teach them to give various architects in the United States of America.

Robert Ivy unveiled his decade of design at a Clinton Foundation dinner hosted by Bill and Hillary Clinton. The 1000 corporate executives gave him a standing ovation and many of them extended open invitations for him to speak at their corporations.

Robert Ivy is focusing his time at training the new generation of architects by changing education curriculums within the United States of America.

The architects are now being taught and educated to keep various things in mind when they construct buildings. First of all, they are to keep in mind how this building will impact the health of the people inside. The second thing they are to keep in mind is what impact this building will have on the surrounding environment. In other words, they are to begin looking for ways that the building may have its existence in harmony with nature. Many new architects are trying out new designs that will leave a building in and how of existing trees and other entities.

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