What You Can Learn from Doe Deere

It’s the era of the female and Doe Deere is proof that when a woman puts her mind to something, she can do anything. If you’re someone who is wanting to start your own company, you can learn a thing or two from this bold entrepreneur.



Doe Deere didn’t start with some big company to back her up and wasn’t handed some grand idea to get her started. Doe Deere saw a need and filled it, which she suggests is a great way for any entrepreneur to get started. Look for something that isn’t being done or a problem that needs a solution and make it happen.



For example, when Doe Deere was younger, before Lime Crime was born, she wanted to express herself in the way she likes best; with bold and beautiful colors. Yet no matter where she looked, there didn’t seem to be a product that suited her. It was then that she realized there was a demand for a product that wasn’t being made.



That is when Lime Crime was born. Nowadays, the market for bright colors is larger and there are many competitors for the daring colors and products that Lime Crime fans love. What makes her and her brand stand out from the rest?



There are several reasons. For example:


Doe Deere isn’t afraid of mistakes and she learns from them.

  • Doe Deere isn’t afraid of mistakes and she learns from them. Any entrepreneur should be willing to make mistakes and learn from them and Doe Deere knows this. Having faced problems along the way in building the company that Lime Crime is today, she knows that you just have to be willing to keep going, no matter what.

She is innovative with her products and offers quality.

  • She is innovative with her products and offers quality. While there may be bright makeup on the market, no one is doing it like Lime Crime. Their products stand out as not only being great quality, but also by providing plenty of variety. Lime Crime fans that if they want something unique and bold, they can find it at Doe Deere’s company.

Lime Crime products are cruelty free.

  • Lime Crime products are cruelty free. There are several make up companies that provide products, but not all of them care about how they go about it. This is one reason why Lime Crime has made a name for themselves. Their products are 100% cruelty free, which is certainly something to be proud of. Apart from having some of the best color palettes around, they also have safe and friendly products to offer their customers.

She is doing what she loves and it shows.

  • She is doing what she loves and it shows. If there is one thing that Doe Deere makes a point of for successful entrepreneurship, it is that you are doing something that you love. If you find a need and want to be the one to fill it, she’s an example that you can do it.



Whether you’re a fan of Doe Deere because you love her products or you like her determination as a top female entrepreneur, no one can deny that she’s got what it takes, simply by doing what she’s passionate about the right way. Learn more:¬†https://www.crunchbase.com/person/doe-deere#/entity


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