How Does Ryan Seacrest Manage His Fast Paced Life?

Ryan Seacrest is known for his years of being the host of shows like American Idol and On Air with Ryan Seacrest. His work throughout the years has catapulted American Idol to reach new heights in the early 2000’s as the show for finding the most talented singers out there. His way of hosting has made him a household name hosting news shows like E News! and simply being one of the biggest male hosting personalities in the world today. Known for being the hardest working man in Hollywood, GQ decided to sit down with the celebrity news icon to see how he does it all.


Asking him how many jobs he has, he explained that he does more than just host TV shows and a radio show. In fact, he has his own clothing line, hosts the New Year’s Eve celebration on TV, his own foundation, a production, among other ventures. Definitely one of the hardest working people in the world of Hollywood today. His experience stems further than what the public knows about him.


He says that his productivity is definitely at its tip top game right now because he easily takes care of emails within 30 minutes of receiving them. He is definitely somebody who has worked long and hard to get to where he is today. He says that his sense of urgency and wanting to get things done as fast as possible is what allows and helps him to succeed and get things done.


His secret is merely about being able to handle his commitments and putting in the time and effort to getting things done fast. Ryan Seacrest is by far one of the best TV hosts in the industry today, and he continues to prove that his work ethic is one that cannot be beat.


The new and renewed American Idol is one that definitely is hitting the world strongly today. The show has had a decent amount of viewers recently proving that Idol is still a hit show that is here to stay. It sure does help having the original host still hosting the show.

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