Tony Petrello: His Dedication To Philanthropy And His Opportunity To Host A Famous Broadway Star In His Home

There is no question that Tony Petrello is a man dedicated to philanthropy and to helping others find the same success that he has had in his life. He is always interested in giving back to the community, and many others find this an appealing trait in him. One of these individuals who is honored to consider Petrello a friend would be Broadway Star Tommy Tune, whom Petrello recently hosted in his home.

Of course, Tony Petrello wanted to give the man an appropriate homecoming, so when he hosted hometown hero Tommy Tune at his home he was sure to throw a party and invite 50 honored guests. Petrello realizes that Tommy Tune is a giant of a man in more ways than one, standing heads and shoulders above most people at 6’6 tall. Tune was in Houston in order to perform “Tommy Tune Tonight” at the Miller Outdoor Theatre and he was expecting 5,000 fans to attend the performance. Besides being a dear personal friend, one of the reasons the Petrellos made sure to welcome this man back to this hometown is in the inherent fact they take an ardent interest in the events of their Houston hometown.


There is no questioning the fact that Tony Petrello isn’t just your average, run-of-the-mill oil executive at Nabors Industries. It is also true that philanthropy is something that hasn’t been a recent phenomenon with the Petrellos either. Tony not only takes pride in his local hometown; he also takes pride in his alma mater. He actually was instrumental in developing a scholarship at Yale for those who came from a modest background such as himself. To that end, he set up the “Yale Scholarship” in order to help deserving participants rise above their poor or lower middle-class backgrounds.

Finally, Petrello went the extra mile to help his fellow Houstonians when the city was beset by Hurricane Harvey. He started first with his employees who had been directly affected by the storm by offering them a paid time off period to help them and to assist them in their efforts to help others. He and his company also matched all of the relief contributions by his employees, which reached over $173,000. Finally, Petrello directed that Nabors Industries should put their on-site kitchen to use uring the recovery efforts. They cooked three hot meals a day for those affected by the storm and those helping with the relief efforts. Helping out: it’s simply what Tony Petrello does.

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