Strengthening Global Markets with the Oxford Club

Even in the throes of heavily socialized countries, where in exchange for high taxes, one enjoys that their basic security will be afforded them, feeling the crunch of retirement is on everyone’s mind. The exact biggest fear of anyone on this planet is that they will outlive their money. There is hardly a greater fear. That said, the internet has made it possible for all of us to do research and even to gain access to some of the greatest minds in the financial industry. Used properly, we can gather a whole bunch of information, yet many would wonder why anyone would just dole out good information to the public, via the internet. The answer is quite simple: the more money invested in the markets, the more the markets collectively grow, and this engenders the “all boats rise” philosophy.

The Oxford Club, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, has been in business for almost 3 decades. This club was organized around the idea of connecting global investors and networks in a private way, so as to facilitate the exchange of timely information and to foster a collective global strength. On the precipice of nearly 30 years in business, and with a blemish-free history, it is safe to say the mission has been accomplished.

Although this is indeed a club, and one would have to achieve membership to truly reap all the rewards, there are newsletters and other tools on their website for non-members to peruse. The goal was to create a greater level of wealth for all members, but with the precarious nature of a bifurcated longer-life versus standard retirement age, disseminating information that can help everyone is of interest to this group. With over 150,000 members, they are also not an exclusionary type of club. The only thing they exclude is following market advice that often leads to mediocrity, and if not monitored closely, losses. The Oxford Club is not for everyone, but the information they have is.

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