Joel Friant and The ‘Original’ Habanero Shaker: “Start Shakin’ and Be Happy!”

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur who began his business ventures in real estate sales and home remodeling. In 1995, he moved on to the restaurant industry and created the nation’s first Thai fast food restaurant. He began referring to himself as ‘The Thai Guy.’ It was also during this time Friant experimented with different types of spices. He became attracted to the habanero chili pepper, which motivated him to create and sell The Habanero Shaker.

Friant’s admiration for the habanero stems not only from the heat but also from the flavor. With smoky and buttery tones, the habanero combines the perfect amount of heat with bold and robust flavors. Moreover, habaneros contain several minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Several studies show a link between these rich nutrients and disease prevention. Seems like enough to get anyone shakin’!

Friant briefly sold The Habanero Shaker in 1995 before he returned to real estate and flipping houses. In 2008, after the financial crisis, Friant independently studied why some people become successful and why others fail. From this, he asserted what he calls, ‘The Income Thermostat.’ Friant also spent a lot of time sharing information with people and trying to help others succeed. He has written several articles and spoken at numerous online seminars.

From 2012 onward, Friant engages in e-commerce, cryptocurrency, and the reintroduction of The Habanero Shaker. Due to popular demand, Friant decided to bring his shaker back to the market. He rebranded the shaker as The ‘Original’ Habanero Shaker. The shaker contains 100% Habanero Chile Pepper Flakes free of salt or any other additives. The flakes are gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan-friendly. The shaker is 1.5 ounces and perfect for storage or travel. Still not convinced? Well, if you’re not satisfied there is a money back guarantee. There is absolutely no risk in shaking. Happy shaking!

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