Dick DeVos philanthropic works

Dick DeVos is an accomplished businessman from the United States. He is also a politician and a philanthropist. As a politician, he has vied for the seat of governor in the state of Michigan. Although he did not succeed in his bid in the political office, he has remained active in happenings around the political circles in the country. Dick DeVos is married to Betsy DeVos. Betsy is the secretary of education in the current administration. In this office, I hope she will manage to pull and implement reforms that she and her husband have been pushing while out of government. Dick was born in 1955. He has been in business circles for a long time and has accrued a lot of wealth from the business that he operates.



Dick DeVos philanthropy is something that is shared with his family. His father was also engaged in philanthropic activities. It is an exercise that he picked from his family. The wife he is married to, Betsy is also from a family that has been practicing philanthropy for a long time. Both have created a foundation that has been supporting thousands of people in the United States. As a philanthropist, he has affected positively the lives of children who have access to good education through his family foundation. The foundation which is known as Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation has made a contribution that is estimated to be over $139 million.



Dick and Betsy have been great an advocate for equality in the education sector. They say that the current education system is skewed and one that does not prioritize all children. Children from poor families are likely to suffer since they do have the same quality education like the one accorded to children from wealthy backgrounds. According to Dick and Betsy, there is a huge big difference that is created by the nature of school a student attends.



Dick DeVos business career has been an interesting one, he started his role in business in 1974. This is when he joined Amway. He at one point served as the Vice President of the corporation before he left to start his own business. He was also given the mandate of managing Orlando Magic Basketball by his father. Richard DeVos is one of the wealthiest people in the country.



Dick DeVos has been supporting various educational reforms in the state of Michigan. Through the family foundation, he has been behind the aviation school in the state of Michigan. To make the aviation school effective, he has bought the first plane for the aviation school.


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