The Benefits of Trading and Investing in The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club was started in 1989 in Baltimore, Maryland. The club’s membership has grown to over 157,000 in 131 countries for the decades that it has been around. The club is a private network of investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Its primary objective is to use unique strategies to help traders shine in the stock market and get the best returns from their investments and also to enjoy life beyond money. The Oxford Club’s trading recommendations to their clients include real estate, bonds, funds, options, currencies and precious metals.

Oxford club has both monthly and weekly newsletters; the Oxford communiqué features Alexander Green’s analysis and recommendation on how to trade, investment opportunities and market trends. The Oxford communiqué performance is rated among the best newsletters with insight in the industry. The Oxford Income Letter is another newsletter which gives investors credible information on how to excel in the world of bonds. Eric Fry, Matthew Carr, and David Fessler are experts in researching about natural gas, investing in oil, alternative energy, and metals; they are Oxford Resource Explorer monthly contributors.

The Oxford Club members e

njoy the provision of 12 trading services which are based on strategic and in-depth research. Among the services that subscribers get include Automatic Trading Millionaire, The Insider Alert, Fry’s Pinnacle Portfolio, Lighting Trend Trader, Tactical Trader Alert, and The Viper Alert among others. The membership level at Oxford Club is divided into three levels with different advantages. Premier membership is the first level followed by the directors’ circle membership and finally the most prestigious chairman’s circle membership which also comes with all coveted clubs’ privileges.

About The Oxford Club

The Oxford club has been around for more than two decades. They give their members strategies for getting the best market returns and also preserving long-lasting wealth. Club members have an opportunity to share information through seminars, world financial tours, and online exchange.

The club has free educational publications for the newly recruited members and the premium advisory services the members in the high membership level. The clubs’ recommendations cover real estate, bonds, funds, options, equities, among others. Members enjoy prolific business and social connections within the club.

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