Amicus Therapeutics-Breaking New Ground for Patients with Rare Diseases

Living with a rare disease is devastating for patients and caregivers alike. A lack of viable treatment options leads to fear and despair, and living among people with no knowledge or awareness of the disease leads to feelings of isolation. Amicus Therapeutics understand the problems these families face and are committed to finding the solutions.


Who Is Amicus Therapeutics?


Founded in 2002, this bio-technical company has been working on creating a treatment for people suffering from such rare diseases as Fabry disease or Pompe disease, as well as other diseases that are caused by genetic mutations. After years of extensive research and clinical trials, Amicus Therapeutics has now been given permission by the FDA to begin the process of receiving approval for use of the drug in the united States.


Amicus Therapeutics CEO and chairman, John F. Crowley, believes that having a patient-centered treatment model is more than just creating a drug. It also includes patient and family support, public education, and a dedication to treating the person, not simply the disease. To this end, he has gathered a team of employees and partners who share the same mindset.


What is Patient-Centered Care?


Amicus Therapeutics believes that successfully treating a patient with a medicine is only a small part of the greater picture (Facebook). Although treating the illness itself is a top priority, patient and family support can also lead to healing of the emotional and mental issues that can arise when living with a rare and debilitating disease. By creating an atmosphere of caring, compassion, and learning, the team at Amicus Therapeutics has earned the reputation of being highly ethical. There are patient advocates on staff, as well as numerous resources to help those living with one of the rare diseases researched by this company.


Their commitment to a caring and compassionate patient-centered treatment model can also be seen in where they invest their resources. Members of Amicus Therapeutics routinely volunteer with Habit For Humanity and the company offers charitable donations to a variety of patient advocacy groups and other organizations.



The Future of Amicus Therapeutics


Although approval by the FDA is a long process, treatments for Fabry disease have already been approved in Europe. The company is also in the process of submitting drug approval applications in Japan. With their high ethical and moral beliefs and ground-breaking research, Amicus Therapeutics is a rising star (


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