Doe Deere Inspiring Start Up Businesses

Those dreaming of opening their own business can take note from Cosmetic super star Doe Deere. There are many things that business owners have in common; passion, perseverance and ambition are a few main aspects that drive people to opening their own business. Finding your niche in a market is key and once you have that niche you can begin planning. Learn more:


Doe Deere began in a fashion industry by selling items online. She realized she could not properly accesorize her products with out some fun and vibrant cosmetics. Her niche in design and fashion is what sparked the creation of Lime Crime. While her fashion career was short lived, her cosmetic industry is quickly expanding. Learn more:


When you realize that you are passionate about something you can then begin to plan and market your idea. Business professionals will experience set backs but being able to persevere through those and remember that you are trying to achieve a goal will help you to stay on your path. Having a well thought out and organized business plan will speed up the process of making your dream a reality. Banks and other financial institutions will require a well thought out business plan that outlines all aspects of your business before they will consider if it is something they want to invest in.


While designing your product it is important to keep market trends in mind as well as the people you are hoping to market to. The broader the client base the better chance of getting word out about your new product. New businesses often take large amounts of time and dedication. Business owners may find themselves working seven days a week and at odd hours for little to no pay just to launch their product and business. Determination and perseverance will help guide you through these down times that can sometimes even consist of financial hardships. Staying dedicated to marketing your product and business will help maintain and acquire a larger client base as your business grows. Learn more:


Had Doe Deere simlpy stuck to design and not worked out a plan for a fun cosmetic line she would not be known as the self proclaimed unicorn queen that she is today. She is constantly thinking of ways to maintain and expand her Lime Crime Brand. A cosmetic line that started with simple lip and eye colors has evolved to fun nails, cosmetic brushes and even bright and exciting vegan and cruelty free hair colors.


Staying dedicated to your business plan and following trends will help your start up business succeed. It is important to also remain creative and think of new products to introduce once you are established. Learn more:


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