How Rick Smith’s Experience Helps Securus

Rick Smith started out with a degree in engineering. He wanted to learn more about engineering and felt that he would be able to truly make a difference in the world with the degree that he was going to get in engineering. It was something that Rick Smith knew a lot about and something that he was capable of in the time that he was doing different things. As he worked on his degrees in engineering, he looked forward to taking a position in the industry. He also wanted to show people that they would be able to do similar things if they put their mind to it and went through the effort that came along with the engineering aspect of the business. The only problem was, though, that Rick Smith quickly got bored of engineering once he was a part of the field and working in the companies that he had a career with. Read more on

After learning a lot about engineering and focusing his career on it, Rick Smith wanted to make a change to the career that he had. He chose to get a second master’s degree and go for his MBA. After graduating from the University of Rochester, he felt the need to switch completely. He took a job with Eschelon Telecom and he did what he could to make that company better. He tried to use the experience that he had with engineering but he also knew that the prison industry could be somewhat intimidating for the people who were a part of it.

Rick Smith made that company better. He tried everything that he could to make things better for the people who he was a part of it. For Rick Smith, making a company better than what it had been in the past was a true hallmark of success. He tried to make things better for the company and was successful with everything that he did for Eschelon Telecom. He was also able to see that prison industries was his passion and that he could do more with the prison industry than what he was able to do with the engineering portion of his experiences.

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After seeing a lot of success with a different prison industry company, Rick Smith went to Securus. While Securus was not necessarily having the same problems as what the previous company had, it was something that he needed to work on to be able to fix. Rick Smith Securus was able to perform better with the things that he had added to the company. Now, they only have one true competitor in the industry as the rest of them have all been bought up in acquisition deals with Securus.

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