The Liberal Billionaire, George Soros

The World War Two was a dark moment for the world, but it was darkest for the Jewish Community. The Nazi Regime under Hitler was bad enough for the world, but the Jewish people felt the blunt most. The Nazi yearned to spill Jewish blood, and they did. They even invaded the place the most generous man was born, just to kill him and his kind, all Hungarian Jews. They did manage to put 500,000 Jews to death, but they actions did not deny the world a liberal billionaire that has come out strongly to fight forces that seek to oppress and persecute others for their identity. They failed to kill George Soros, most members of his family and other Jews who had been lucky enough to be in association or mere contact with the Soros family. They managed to use their fortunes to make fake documents that sealed their Jewish identities thus saving their lives. Read more on

Today, George Soros is a billionaire and effectively, according to tax reports, one of America’s most generous men in all of history. Having donated over 12 billion dollars to noble causes, most of a Liberal agenda, it still seems incredible that this man has managed to remain an influential world business dealer, an opinion maker at the Democratic Party and an economic force that oppressive regimes have had to reckon with globally. George Soros has always remained a believer in peaceful assertion and has been reported to be strategic in his calculated political and business moves. Just less than two decades after his ascent into wealth, he earned himself a sensational and legendary title as the Man Who Broke the Bank of England. He did so by earning himself and his associates a profit of one billion dollars in just one day by buying and selling the British Pound.

Initially, George Soros’ Liberal agenda was hidden behind educational funding, but it later came to be more pronounced and assertive. He started by offering scholarships for South Africans who were essential for the fight against the Apartheid Regime. Then, he funded the introduction of the Critical Thinking to the Communist Eastern Block and the reprinting of texts which had been banned by the Soviet Regime for being too Liberal. He ended up being an outright human rights activist and an avid subscriber to the Democratic Party. Read his profile at Forbes.

The Ferguson Protests

An extra-judicial killing of an unarmed 18-year-old Black American boy sparked a violent reaction by members of the Black Community in Ferguson who were not very amused by the racial profiling to which they had been subjected. The narrative almost lost form and audience with the nasty way the protests had sparked out initially. However, George Soros quickly mobilized resources and people to sound the grievances and call the government to hold police officers responsible for their actions. He donated 33 million dollars that were instrumental in paying for national bus rides that ferried activists. The money also coordinated academic scripting to make cases against police brutality. Also, journalistic lobby groups were empowered to coordinate the massive national social media concerted into the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag.

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Amicus Therapeutics Works to Defeat Lysosomal Storage Disorders

With sites in Cranbury, New Jersey, San Diego, California, and locations in Europe, biopharmaceutical company Amicus Therapeutics is at the forefront of research and treatment for lysosomal storage disorders. These are typically referred to as rare and orphan diseases and include Fabry disease, Pompe disease, and Epidermolysis Bullosa. Amicus Therapeutics has put their their emphasis on enzyme replacement therapies (ERTs)for these disorders. They currently have in development the drug migalastat, an oral pharmacological chaperone that will be used in the treatment of Fabry Disease. Patients with Fabry disease can experience a wide range of symptoms that can include kidney complications, heart disease, and an increased risk of stroke. Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Theraphy is being developed to treat Pompe Disease, a metabolic disorder which can severely damage nerve and muscle cells in the body. A topical therapy known as SD-101 is in development for the treatment of Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare genetic connective disorder. Patients with EB experience painful tears and skin blisters, often resulting from only slight friction.

Amicus Therapeutics is serious about patient advocacy and works to support medical professionals, caregivers, patients, and patient organizations. They seek feedback from the families and patients that have lysosomal disorders in order to give them the best possible information for dealing with their conditions on a regular basis.

Amicus Therapeutics has received grants from the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation and The Michael J. Fox Foundation (SeekinAlpha). They support programs nationwide to help improve patient care and to provide the best information available to healthcare providers. On February first of this year, Amicus Therapeutics sponsored Rare Disease Day in order to bring attention and support to those who struggle with rare conditions, with events being held

in the United States and Europe.

At present, the Chief Executive Officer of Amicus Therapeutics is John Francis Crowley and the President is Bradley L. Campbell. The company uses contracted manufacturing to develop their products.

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Hiring Karl Heideck For Litigation

     If you are looking to hire a litigator for any sort of work you need, it is very important that you take your time to bring on the right legal team. If you live in the Philadelphia area or the local surrounding area, you will be glad to know that Karl Heideck has been serving in the legal field for more than 10 years. By getting the help of this litigator, you will be in good hands with any sort of needs that you have. But you should first and foremost figure out what litigation entails and make the right choices when putting together your team. Consider this information:

What exactly is litigation?

Litigation is an area of law that involves the court process. This does not just limit itself to prosecutors and defense attorneys. Legal teams are filled with people who conduct research, discovery, handle pretrial motions and a host of other issues that lead up to a trial. Because of this, you need to always make sure that you have the help and service of a litigator that is skilled and able to serve you.

Any time that you hire a litigator, you need to make sure that they have the qualified education. Litigators must graduate from college with a law degree and will be able to practice once they pass the bar. You need to look into a litigator’s educational background and experience before making a hire.

What I know about Karl Heideck?

Karl Heideck is a great attorney that specializes in many different types of litigation. For example, he does it all from product liability to employment law. When you reach out to Karl Heideck, you’re getting the help of an attorney that graduated from Tempe University Beasley School of Law and has provided counsel to a number of people in the Philadelphia area.

The legal service of Karl Heideck comes highly recommended by a number of people in the Philadelphia area due to his experience and wealth of knowledge. He has a number of legal skills that will be useful, so you owe it to yourself to reach out to him in order to learn more.

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How Rick Smith’s Experience Helps Securus

Rick Smith started out with a degree in engineering. He wanted to learn more about engineering and felt that he would be able to truly make a difference in the world with the degree that he was going to get in engineering. It was something that Rick Smith knew a lot about and something that he was capable of in the time that he was doing different things. As he worked on his degrees in engineering, he looked forward to taking a position in the industry. He also wanted to show people that they would be able to do similar things if they put their mind to it and went through the effort that came along with the engineering aspect of the business. The only problem was, though, that Rick Smith quickly got bored of engineering once he was a part of the field and working in the companies that he had a career with. Read more on

After learning a lot about engineering and focusing his career on it, Rick Smith wanted to make a change to the career that he had. He chose to get a second master’s degree and go for his MBA. After graduating from the University of Rochester, he felt the need to switch completely. He took a job with Eschelon Telecom and he did what he could to make that company better. He tried to use the experience that he had with engineering but he also knew that the prison industry could be somewhat intimidating for the people who were a part of it.

Rick Smith made that company better. He tried everything that he could to make things better for the people who he was a part of it. For Rick Smith, making a company better than what it had been in the past was a true hallmark of success. He tried to make things better for the company and was successful with everything that he did for Eschelon Telecom. He was also able to see that prison industries was his passion and that he could do more with the prison industry than what he was able to do with the engineering portion of his experiences.

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After seeing a lot of success with a different prison industry company, Rick Smith went to Securus. While Securus was not necessarily having the same problems as what the previous company had, it was something that he needed to work on to be able to fix. Rick Smith Securus was able to perform better with the things that he had added to the company. Now, they only have one true competitor in the industry as the rest of them have all been bought up in acquisition deals with Securus.