How Nick Vertucci Rose to Success

Overcoming adversity is often a key to success in life. Nick Vertucci has been able to do just this in his life. Vertucci is currently a very successful business man who has built a great resume in the real estate industry. Vertucci has built a proven system that is helping people all across the nation.

Life started out pretty good for Nick Vertucci. His family and home life were pretty good until the age of ten when his father died. Nick’s mother began working very long hours in an attempt to keep the family functioning. The family did struggle however and at the age of eighteen Nick found himself homeless and living out of his van. Life had become very challenging very quickly.

Things would soon turn around for Vertucci. He soon started his own business selling various computer parts on He soon married his wife and had children. Financial things were good for a good period of time. However in 2000, things would take a turn for the worse when the dot com crash hit. Vertucci was in financial trouble and once again living a challenging life.

Vertucci would again be able to overcome adversity in his life. This time it was as the result of an invitation from a friend. Vertucci would attend a real estate workshop over a weekend. The teaching he received during this time would ultimately change his life. Vertucci would soon realize that real estate was the opportunity for him to improve his financial situation and turn his life around.

It would take some time but Nick Vertucci would soon become very successful in the real estate world. He took more than a decade to create a system that he uses to this day. Through trial and error and a long list of experiences, today Vertucci is a millionaire. He has decided to use the knowledge he has gained and share it with others. Today he travels across the nation sharing secrets that made him who he is today. Some of the things he teaches others include how to get started making money flipping homes, tips and tricks to help you network like a pro at Strategies for creating passive income and balancing a real estate investing business with your day job. Vertucci is very driven and has used the tough times in his life to push him to bigger and better things. He is certain to continue making an impact for many years to come.

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