How End Citizens United Is Taking On Dirty Money In Politics

Vociferous political activists, End Citizens United have made a significant step towards abolishing dirty money from the political arena. In the first quarter of the year, the PAC amassed a collection worth $4 million, which itself is a substantial percentage of the estimated total that is $35 million. This amount is expected to have reached the approximated target in time for the biennial midterm elections, which are to be held next year. Should the goal be achieved, the activist committee would have broken a previously set record of $25 million, accomplished in last year’s general elections.


The group’s efforts have wowed numerous individuals, as demonstrated by the huge number of donors towards the cause. An estimated 100,000 people contributed in the fundraisers, with a massive 40% being first-time donors. This information was laid bare by Tiffany Muller, the committee’s chief executive. She further stated that the organizations objective was to support the election of finance reform champions to Congress.


Moreover, Tiffany revealed that the average donation per individual had soared considerably, hitting a mean of $12. Muller added that the givers saw the contribution as the most efficient way of voicing their grievances and fighting the uninhibited pumping of money towards political campaigns. Further, Tiffany expressed the fury of the Democrats towards the election of Donald Trump and said that they were ready to give him a hard time by opposing his incentives and not endorsing his nominees.


One of the most important achievements of the PAC is the endorsement of Jon Ossoff, who is vying for a Congress seat for the first time on a Democrat ticket. In this campaign, End Citizens United has persuaded its sympathizers to donate an enormous $500,000. To date, Ossoff has raised a mammoth $4 million, a figure that has left many in awe as he is still a novice in politics.


Though the group is still undecided on who it will support in next year’s Senatorial elections, significant pointers show that it leans towards Democratic candidates. As a conventional PAC, End Citizens United has a maximum donation which it can accept from an individual ($5,000).

About End Citizens United


A Supreme Court ruling that legalized the pumping of vast amounts of money in political campaigns was not well received by several folks. For this reason, the dissatisfied individuals came together to form End Citizens United, an activist political committee. Faithful to its appellation, the group’s objective is to counter the adverse effects of Citizens United.


The organization aims to achieve its objective through the endorsement of pro-reform aspirants, with a bias towards Democrats. The primary source of fund for the group is its grassroots members. Also, the group also enlightens the masses on the importance of fighting dark money in politics.



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