Mr. Bernardo Chua – A Remarkable Business Model With A Great Vision

Mr. Bernardo Chua has started a rewards program for Organo Gold. This program has been designed to give the bonus to the frequent purchases. Mr. Chua has elevated from a small employee to a worldwide businessperson. He has used his business strategies to develop his firm Organo Gold. He works hard to bring several people with him to pave the path of success for them.

Mr. Bernardo Chua discovered Organo Gold in the year 2008 in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. It is a start-up firm that consists of 3 employees. It has become a great industry in over thirty-five nations. It has got several distributors and many employees.

He was employed by Gano Excel that is in the Philippines before working in his firm. He shifted to California in the year 2003.

He was well aware of the advantages of ganoderma lucidium herb in the Philippines. This ingredient was in the products that were produced by Gano Excel. He had a different vision by making it of some use in tea and coffee.

He provided an excellent option to the drinkers of beverage so that the life of the people get improved, and there will be balance and great contentment. Mr. Chua did sheer hard work, and that made him win several awards. He was selected as the Direct Sales Company Executive of the Year many times.

According to PR Newswire, Bernado Chua also got a business and industry Dangal Bayan award in the year 2014. In the year 2015, he and his staff attended a ceremony in the Philippines. He was awarded the Dangal Bayan Award and was identified as a great global businessman.

A speech on YouTube motivated him to speak about his firm that makes the people’s lives full of success and makes them good leaders. The mentoring and the speeches he gives trains the people to have a huge effect on a bigger scale.

He has got a vision as a young person who is hard working, determined and has got the great business sense. He trains the similar idea to the generation nowadays. Mr. Bernardo Chua hails from the Philippines and has been a part of multi-level marketing for several years.

Mike Heiligenstein Speaks on MoPac’s Project That Will Decongest Roads

According to the American-Statesman, a tech solution is required to rectify the congestion on Texas roads. The Central Texas Mobility Authority recognized this issue and added that multiple resources were needed to address the present traffic menace and offer a life-long solution.

Central Texas Mobility Authority is responsible for providing solutions for problems on Texas roads, among them building more roads and building tech to resolve decongestion among others. Among its successful solutions include the 183 Toll Road and the US 290, which provided great relief for the communities in Austin.

Innovation is critical to the mission of Mobility Authority. Currently, they are creating the MoPac Express Lanes which will ease traffic on the roads. With its completion, the project will ensure that traffic in the express lane is moving at all times even when others stall. Additionally, the creation of “smart roads” is a possibility in the near future. Incorporation of baked technological solutions provides the platform for this innovation. Learn more about Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority:

The technology is in use in the constructed Southern project between the airport and US 290. It involves embedding fiber lines along the road, which enhance communication between the road and the vehicles. Among the abilities of this new technology is the capacity to detect and advise a car headed in the wrong direction.

A new app in development will be integrated into the traffic monitoring system to offer drivers with possible and real-time alternative routes during morning and evening hours when most people commute to and from work. With over 900,000 empty car seats on the roads daily, Mobility Authority is set to help fill them up and reduce congestion considerably.

Other solutions offered include the availability of the Highway Response Operator to help commuters who experience minor breakdowns fix their cars. This solution will reduce traffic buildup by lessening the number of stalled cars on the road.

Mike Heiligenstein works as the executive director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. A graduate of Texas University with a bachelor’s degree in government, a Masters in Government and a master’s in Business Administration, he is responsible for providing mobility solutions to the residents of Austin and the surrounding areas.

To achieve this, he brings on board various partners with favorable and realistic solutions for the current problems. The Central Texas Mobility Authority is a body tasked with providing mobility solutions to the residents of Austin. The responsibilities include designing roads, tech solutions and other options for a smooth commute.

How End Citizens United Is Taking On Dirty Money In Politics

Vociferous political activists, End Citizens United have made a significant step towards abolishing dirty money from the political arena. In the first quarter of the year, the PAC amassed a collection worth $4 million, which itself is a substantial percentage of the estimated total that is $35 million. This amount is expected to have reached the approximated target in time for the biennial midterm elections, which are to be held next year. Should the goal be achieved, the activist committee would have broken a previously set record of $25 million, accomplished in last year’s general elections.


The group’s efforts have wowed numerous individuals, as demonstrated by the huge number of donors towards the cause. An estimated 100,000 people contributed in the fundraisers, with a massive 40% being first-time donors. This information was laid bare by Tiffany Muller, the committee’s chief executive. She further stated that the organizations objective was to support the election of finance reform champions to Congress.


Moreover, Tiffany revealed that the average donation per individual had soared considerably, hitting a mean of $12. Muller added that the givers saw the contribution as the most efficient way of voicing their grievances and fighting the uninhibited pumping of money towards political campaigns. Further, Tiffany expressed the fury of the Democrats towards the election of Donald Trump and said that they were ready to give him a hard time by opposing his incentives and not endorsing his nominees.


One of the most important achievements of the PAC is the endorsement of Jon Ossoff, who is vying for a Congress seat for the first time on a Democrat ticket. In this campaign, End Citizens United has persuaded its sympathizers to donate an enormous $500,000. To date, Ossoff has raised a mammoth $4 million, a figure that has left many in awe as he is still a novice in politics.


Though the group is still undecided on who it will support in next year’s Senatorial elections, significant pointers show that it leans towards Democratic candidates. As a conventional PAC, End Citizens United has a maximum donation which it can accept from an individual ($5,000).

About End Citizens United


A Supreme Court ruling that legalized the pumping of vast amounts of money in political campaigns was not well received by several folks. For this reason, the dissatisfied individuals came together to form End Citizens United, an activist political committee. Faithful to its appellation, the group’s objective is to counter the adverse effects of Citizens United.


The organization aims to achieve its objective through the endorsement of pro-reform aspirants, with a bias towards Democrats. The primary source of fund for the group is its grassroots members. Also, the group also enlightens the masses on the importance of fighting dark money in politics.