Betsy DeVos Has Plans For Our Educational System

The new Secretary of Education in the Donald Trump cabinet is Betsy DeVos, spouse of Dick DeVos the former CEO of the Amway Corporation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Betsy has long been a champion of school choice and school vouchers so parents and students can have more say in how they receive their education.

After a controversial and tumultuous nomination and confirmation procedure for the Secretary of Education, people are learning that DeVos is a determined and accomplished person who truly believes in her cause. And it is about time that someone addresses the problems that confront our educational system that is no more effective now than it was 60 years ago.

For years we have experienced a have and have-not educational system where people in the suburbs have enjoyed the American dream as far as educational opportunities and the inner cities and many rural areas have been left behind. It is not that money has not been spent in most areas, but it would seem that other forces are at work. Follow Betsy on Twitter.

This is why Betsy DeVoss has advocated school choice and school vouchers for students who are disadvantaged. She asks a very important question about why is still necessary for a child’s education to be tied to a zip code that forces that student to show up at a building and listen to four or five lectures where nothing seems to apply to that student’s real life?

There is a tacit agreement that inner cities have poorer test results than do suburban schools, simply because there is a different culture going on in the inner cities. The same could be said for remotely rural areas. This is why DeVos is so involved with school choice and vouchers.

She was a sponsor and an advocate for Detroit charter schools that were public funded. While there was not a total success in that venture, there was enough to illustrate that the model can work. It took lots of community investment in time and interest but given enough of that the future can look very bright indeed. The reading scores were very good, the math was terrible, but the graduation rates were very good.

Today there are enough good students coming out of inner city schools to illustrate that the potential is there, but there needs to be more effort put into the kids and not necessarily the facilities. Betsy DeVos is a declared advocate of investing in the kids and their needs in equipment and techniques that directly affect them.

Just about every student in America knows how to operate a smartphone or a tablet, so why aren’t more of them used directly in the educational process? DeVos just wants people to be innovative and come up with better ways to implement the educational process in ways that get the attention of the students, so they want to make it happen. Once they see why education is their ticket to a better life, you cannot hold them back. Check this article from New York Post.

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